Better Late Than Never: It's a...

It's been a while since I've posted... apologies! I have been super swamped at work and then my Etsy shop went absolutely gangbusters for a while that I just let life run instead of worrying about the blog.

It's been over a month since I last posted, and man has quite a bit happened, so here is a Bumpdate to catch up (if you follow me on Instagram, I've been more active there and you may have seen my updates there):

F and I are so very very happy to announce we're having a boy and a girl! We had been hoping that it would be once of each and we feel very blessed that we're getting what we wished for.

How far along: 23 weeks, 3 days! We are well over halfway now.

Names: We've had one boy and one girl name picked out from fairly early on (before we knew the genders) and are relieved we don't have to try to come up with 2nd options... We quickly agreed on a boy's name, but the girl's took us a while...So it's good, in a way, that we don't need to think of backups.

Size: According to growth charts and apps, the babes are about 11.5in, the size of a mango, and weigh just over 1lb each. However, at our scan at 19 weeks, Baby A (our girl) was measuring about half a week ahead of schedule, while Baby B (our boy) was measuring almost 2 weeks ahead!

How I’m feeling: Pretty good. I have been lucky to not have any real complications or symptoms. I'm tired by the end of the day, but otherwise, I'm a happy little preggers.

Sickness: Na-da! Like I said, I've been super lucky to have had absolutely no nausea. I get acid reflux like crazy though, so I keep antacids on me at all times.

Cravings: Ice cream. It's the only thing that tempers my acid reflux (other than antacids) so I'll request it for dinner some nights. Luckily, F doesn't mind going to get a milkshake a few times a week.

Aversions: I'm eating things as per normal. However, I will say that my love for chocolate and peanut butter together (Reese's lover here!) has been definitely less than pre-pregnancy. I could eat Reese's all day before getting pregnant, and now, I'll eat it but it's not something I have to have.

Weight gain: Weight fluctuates throughout the day and day-by-day, but based of my weight before and now (going off the same time of day) I've gained about 18lbs. thus far. Doctor doesn't seemed concerned with how much (or little) I'm gaining, as long as everything is progressing normally - which it is!

Physical changes: My first trimester and the beginning of the second seemed to drag on forever. Mainly because I wasn't showing. I didn't really pop out until around week 18, but since then it's growing by the day. The bump definitely fluctuates in size and appears smaller or bigger than it is depending on what I'm wearing, but it's slowly starting to interfere in normal everyday movements. I'm slowly outgrowing some tops and bras; mainly camisoles with the built-in bras. I need to up-size as they get uncomfortable by the end of the day. I can still wear my regular pants, but will probably invest in at least one pair of maternity pants soon. 

Pregnancy purchases so far: I actually haven't really bought anything for myself yet! I've been busy buying for the babies. However, F decided I needed a pregnancy pillow and ordered me this pillow from Lavish Home. I didn't honestly want one (yet) but I've been using it and am happy with it thus far. It's only been about a week since it arrived, so we're still adjusting to this giant thing in the bed at night. I think F was worried that I was rolling onto my stomach and squishing the babies, haha!



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