It's Official: We're Pregnant!

Well, the cat is FINALLY out of the bag. F and I are over the moon to (finally) announce our growing family, coming summer 2017.

We have been waiting 3 years, 6 months and some odd number of days to be able to make this announcement to our family and friends. Now that we are here, we want to finally come clean with exactly what we have gone through to get to this point. It has been a very long, emotional and even surreal road.

You may have noticed, I purged some older posts in my blog. That is because I have decided to kind of revamp it in a way, as it will now be mostly our infertility struggle and now the exciting next 6 months of pregnancy.

As of today, I am 12 weeks, 2 days pregnant so here is a quick round up of the last 11 weeks.

Unlike a lot of couples, there was no surprise for us here. We struggled with infertility. So we knew from day 1 that we would know right away if and when our pregnancy took. If you take a look at our "TTC/Infertility" page (see menu above), then you can get an idea of just what exactly we've gone through (I will go into it in further detail as time goes on, I want to keep this post positive!).

We've known we were pregnant since I was 4 weeks, 1 day pregnant. For those who don't know how pregnancy is measured, it is measured from the first day Aunt Flo showed up. Since we got pregnant going through our first FET (frozen embryo transfer), we know the exact date of "conception" based on the transfer date. Ten days after transfer, I was due to have my beta hCG test (ahem, the pregnancy hormone). We waited all day for our doctor or nurse to call us with the results. To say we were anxious is an understatement. We finally got the call just before 4pm.... It was positive. F immediately started freaking out with excitement, I stayed calm enough to tell the nurse thank you and clarify with her that I needed to go in for beta #2 in two days. Two days later, my levels had almost tripled - we were definitely pregnant.

During week 5, we had a scare. Into the end of week 4, I was having some light spotting. I let my clinic know and I was told to stop taking the baby aspirin and to let them know if anything changes. Well, one Tuesday, while sitting at work I had a sudden sharp pain in my side. I went to the restroom and it was just blood. Bright red, Halloween horror scene colored blood. I freaked out. I could not keep my emotions in check. I called my doctor and went home for the day. Since I wasn't experiencing any cramping or other pain, doctor told me to stay off my feet as much as possible and to come in the next day for an ultrasound.

The next day, we went to the doctor and were nervous. What was he going to see? Or not see? After telling us he couldn't see anything blood-wise (that's good right?), doctor quipped, "But be careful what you wish for." I chuckled and replied, "There are two aren't there??" Indeed there were. Twins. Both of the embryos we transferred had stuck.

WEEK 6 - 11
Weeks 6-7 went by without much consequence. In week 8, we had our last appointment with our RE - It was a very surreal feeling. We did learn, however, in week 7, that I would have to stay on progesterone support through week 12. We met our new OB in week 9 and everything has been pretty smooth sailing since. We waited to tell everyone (but my parents, since they knew early on) until Christmas. It was a very emotional, yet exciting Christmas this year!

Only a few (2-3) pounds since our FET (Pre-pregnancy, I was sitting about 15lbs. heavier than I normally do which is weight I put on over the last 3 years)

I went through a few phases of cravings: first, I wanted anything that was fried or really salty. Then I wanted things that were a big lighter. I also went through a phase where if I didn't eat almost every hour, I felt like I hadn't eaten in about 5 days.

Exhaustion - The first weeks, I was EXHAUSTED. I was sleeping terribly - hello, insomnia! The tiredness has let up, but it does show up every once in a while if I had a particularly busy day.

Morning Sickness - Knock on wood, I haven't had morning sickness in the needing-to-vomit-all-the-time type of way. I also haven't felt nauseous either. I do, however, have a slight upset stomach if I haven't eaten in a long period of time (e.g. after waking up in the morning), but once I've eaten something or had something to drink, I feel fine.

Heartburn - Man, was this a symptom I was not prepared for. I have never had heartburn or acid reflux the first time I got it, I thought something was going on with my heart. It burned terribly. I don't get it regularly, but when I do, it's intense and I need to slow down and breath.

Based on our transfer date, a singleton would have a due date of July 16, 2017. Since we're having twins, we can expect them beginning late June 2017.



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