Room Reno for Less than $500

F's family from Germany was recently here for a couple weeks. And leading up to them coming, I decided to finish the guest room and I am in love with how it turned out.  I still need some wall decor - but I haven't quite pinpointed what I want.  Going into this project, I knew I wanted to keep it on a budget...and I lucked out that I also had won $125 in Amazon gift cards shortly prior to starting this! 

I love a lot about this room now, but my favorite are the nightstands we built (well, my dad kind of took over). I decided to just build them, because everything I like was way out of what I wanted to spend for the room. One night I asked my dad if I could borrow his truck because I needed to pick up some 2x4s and 2x2s from Home Depot. When he asked what I wanted, he didn't think what I would buy would be sufficient... So he asked for my drawings and took care of the rest. He got the wood, cut and nailed everything together and let me stain them (I will do a separate post on how we stained them later).

The one thing I really wanted for the bed was to add a box spring under the mattress. I like beds to be higher up and it was just too low without one. Adding one gave the mattress a good height and kept you from bonking knees on the side frame of the bed. For the bedding, I wanted something fairly simple, nothing too busy. I chose the duvet cover because of the adorable button features on the pillowcases - it gave me a vintage, farmhouse vibe which I loved.

For the rest of the decor, I just poked around Amazon and antique shops. We moved the computer into our other bedroom for now. F wants to build us a new desk for it; once he does, it will go back into this room. F and I went back and forth on the dresser we wanted. I liked a different one at a local antique shop, but he liked a black one we ended up getting. The knobs are adorable - they have a Paris theme on them - and the dresser was distressed just enough to look old, but still chic.

The only thing I didn't get done, that I would have liked to, was painting. When I suggested it, F immediately nixed the idea... but we will do it soon! I am determined! Unfortunately, more of the pictures I took didn't turn out very well - the lighting is awful in this room and the auto-focus on my camera lens has been on the fritz, I really need to get a new one... Anyway, here is the cost breakdown for our update!

Bed frame* - $140
Mattress* - $100 (discontinued, similar here) 
Box spring - $100 on sale
Sheets - $15
Curtains - $25
Curtain rod - approx. $10 I made it and stained it myself (tutorial coming!)
Nightstands - built ourselves
Lamp base - $10
Lamp shade - $15
Potted plant - $10
Lavender pot - $13
Wire basket - $10 thrifted, similar here
Ceramic jug - $10 thrifted, similar here
Metal trike - $15 thrifted
Boots - $12 thrifted, not pictured
Chair - $25 thrifted, not pictured
Dresser - $70, thrifted, not pictured

Total: $415 - $125 Gift cards = $290 out of pocket 

* An asterisk denotes that we had the item already prior to updating the room and therefore I didn't add it into our overall cost for the update project.



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