Staying Strong

F and I have battled back and forth on how exactly we want to share our upcoming journey. How open do we want to be while simultaneously navigating it ourselves. F said he wanted to do a type of daily vlog. I suggested an Instagram would probably be a better format, since it can be quite the repetitive process. We both agreed we want to document it as best as we possibly can. So, we will share, but on our terms so we ask to not ask us for details we don't disclose on the blog or other platforms. If we didn't share it, we don't want to (for a reason). Perhaps, there will be a dirty tell-all at the end, but we don't know when or if there will be an end right now. So, we're putting on our knee and elbow pads and gearing up for a potentially bumpy ride. 

For many couples in our boat, it can be painfully lonely. So we remind each other every day to be strong: for ourselves and each other. That is, in my opinion, the basic stepping stone to being able to handle a lot as a couple. If you can be strong not just for yourself, but for your partner, it makes it a lot easier. And I don't mean bearing all of the psychological, emotional, physical weight of everything by yourself. Yes, I break down. Yes, F gets torn down. But knowing that, despite all of that, we are persevering together is what makes and keeps us strong.



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