Holiday Crafting

Merry (belated) Christmas! For some reason this year, I was so unprepared for everything. I usually have all my presents bought and wrapped about a week before Christmas. For some reason this year, I was just not on it. I was doing last minute shopping on Christmas Eve...uups. 

I started making these wreaths last year. I had made one for myself, and my mom liked it so much that she then wanted to gift just about everyone one of these beauties. I made around 10 last year, if I remember correctly. This year, work had me make 6 for some clients (only 4 are pictured above). I was crafting for about 3 days in the conference room to get them done to deliver. I was covered in glitter! I looked like I dove head first into a sandbox of glitter. I need to go out to stores to stock up on supplies for next year - and I'd like to start making wreaths for other holidays throughout the year. I wait until after Christmas to just get the leftovers at the stores on sale (FYI - Big Lots has by far some of the best deals for ornaments). 

The wreaths are actually quite easy to make; they're just a bit time-consuming to get all the holes covered. Start with a foam wreath (I wrap mine in tulle so the foam doesn't flake everywhere) and then glue away. There's no wrong way to make them. I've also just added them to my Etsy shop (click the Shop link above).



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