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Does anyone else completely dive into other projects to distract themselves from things they don't want to focus or obsess over? Yes? Good, hop in the boat with me! Life is never easy - I'd be kidding myself if I believed that. But sometimes, you just wonder why things are happening the way they are.

In good news, our appraisal came in about $25k over what we needed! Which is awesome, now it's just finishing paperwork and getting escrow documents signed. If you've never bought real estate, then let me tell you how just fantastic all this paperwork is. Sigh. We are refinancing with the same lender as we have now, so it's even more frustrating with how nit-picky loan officers can be. For example: My paychecks are not direct deposited, I take a physical check to the bank. Even though I have to provide 2 months worth of paystubs, they still needed me to sign a letter and provide documentation for all of the deposits into our account. Basically, I had to write a letter explaining in a nice way, "Hey, yeah, that's my paycheck, copies of which you already have. But here's some more copies for you to see since you can't look at my paystub and see that it's the exact same amount as the deposit you are questioning. But what do I know!" You have to provide explanations for everything. It's tedious and irritating, but it's also unfortunately what you have to do. And I really shouldn't complain since we have as much equity in our home after 2 years as we do.

Felix and I went in for some lab testing again. After some changes we've made, adding in vitamins and supplements, numbers are coming in better, but still not quite optimal. Doc said that we shouldn't expect phenomenal improvement until the 6-9 month mark, which is still 3-6 months away. Until then, we should continue our spiel of ovulation kits, thermometers, monitoring, timed/planned sex, etc. Because, hey, you never know. Some people think, it must be great for our relationship to be getting busy so much. But in reality, it really isn't all that glamorous. It can actually be quite exhausting and some nights/days we just want to sleep and relax, rather than force ourselves.

When we initially met with this doctor, he was very...optimistic that we're both still young and we really have time until I'm 35 to worry about having kids. Really Doc, that's great that most women are fertile until their mid-30s, and shouldn't worry about some kind of intervention until then, but that's quite a while down the road. And if we're not expecting by then, then I honestly don't know if I will want to even have kids at that point. By then, we would have been trying for about 11 years. That's a long time. Too long to just "be trying" in my opinion. He did go over other options open to us, but without knowing what our direct problem is, the doctors are unable to tell us our likelihood/chances of conception with other methods.

So with that being said, I've dived back into fitness. It's my way to distract myself from thinking about things too much. Granted, I've been a bit hit or miss when it comes to eating, but I have been in the gym at least 4 days a week for the past 4 weeks. That's a win in my book! I don't think I've lost weight (that wasn't my ultimate goal, anyway), but I am seeing more muscle definition, i.e. body fat is going way (which was my goal). I have a muscular frame; think gymnasts Shawn Johnson or Ali Raisman. So by shedding extra body fat,  and adding muscle tone to my frame again, it gives the appearance of long, slim limbs, since I'm not really tall. 

I've also been having the urge to do something with my degrees in German lately. I like my job now, but it has nothing to do with what I studied (well, that's not entirely true. My minor was intercultural human resources and business communications/marketing, and I do that now). But I'd like to do something directly with German... so I'm thinking about applying to teach some classes in the evenings or on the weekends. But I have to get transcripts from Germany, which takes forever. 

Have a wonderful week!



  1. Oh I remember the days of peeing on a stick every morning to predict ovulation. It's not fun but it will be worth it! I was 35 when I got pregnant and I had an easy pregnancy and when the initial tests were done on my son, he was given the lowest possible chance of having 1/16000 or something. 35 is always the "scary age" but it doesn't have to be at all! My advice as a new Mom is to relax, enjoy every bit of time with you and your husband because you will NEVER have it again. Plus relaxing helps ovulation :-)
    And work with your doctor on your fitness goals because you don't want to shed too much fat when trying to conceive. I got pregnant in that period between Thanksgiving and Christmas when everyone is pigging out and I think putting on 3 extra lbs is what did the trick for us.
    You're going to be an awesome mom!
    Good luck! xx

    1. Thanks Katie! I've always been super active (cheerleading & gymnastics), so both my OB and our urologist have OK'd by fitness routine. I just want to be healthier overall to boost all those internal functions so hopefully we're pregnant soon. Speaking of Thanksgiving and Christmas - I've sooo excited for all the food, haha!


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