Eastern Shore, South Lake Tahoe

Can this be my new vacation home, please!?
I was going to make this into two posts, but I decided against it. So picture overload, I know! 
One of the days in Tahoe (I think Saturday) we decided to drive up the eastern coast of Lake Tahoe in the boat. The guys trolled for some fish (with no luck) while the rest of us enjoyed the view - hello villa!!

When the guys called it quits on fishing, we drove the boat back in and grabbed some lunch at the Red Hut Cafe. It's an old fashioned diner and soda fountain and completely adorable. Inside the dining area, they have an old style ski lift hanging from the ceiling. The soda fountain and ice cream parlor is done in 50s style - even with an old fashioned Coke cash register. The food was good, but the ice cream was better. They definitely don't skimp on the serving size.

I forget if it was the day before or after, but we also took the kids mini golfing at Magic Carpet Golf. They had three courses (Storybook, Dinosaurs and Castle). The kids had a blast - especially Baby E. We let them play in the arcade for a bit. My mom and I won them each a ball out of the crane machine.

Afterwards, we decided to take the kids fishing at the Trout Farm (and I think the men wanted to at least say they caught something while in Tahoe. Haha!). We caught 8 trout and grilled them for dinner with some lemon, butter and dill. Alyssa was hilarious after catching her trout. She was pretty confident that she could survive in the wilderness afterwards. Although she wasn't willing to kill or clean the fish, so much for that. 



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